This is sometimes a difficult subject, but a necessary one. It is important to consider the aftercare as it will reflect the love and devotion you have for your treasured friend. No preparation is too big or too small.

There are three different options to choose from when deciding on what to do with your companion’s remains. These are private cremation, communal cremation and burial. If you should choose to have your loved one cremated Greener Pastures will provide the transportation of your pet’s remains to the crematorium in Republic, MO.

  • In private cremation your pets’ remains’ will be individually cremated and the ashes returned to you in a keepsake box with an engraved name plate.
  • In a communal crematory your pet will be cremated with other pets and the ashes will not be returned. The crematorium will spread the ashes in a mass disposal.
  • The last is to keep your animal for home burial. We can discuss ordinances in your area.

Costs of cremation will be determined according to weight and will be calculated for you. This will be included in your total fee collected previously to the euthanasia service.